Distribution Network

African in perspective, global in reach, the IC Group has been able to build up a unique and diverse distribution network and boasts an unrivalled reach with an audience of 2,600,000+ in print, 1 million + digitally and 20,000+ thought leaders at branded and third party events we are represented at across the globe.

Our magazines can be found around the world in a variety of locations. Our global reputation as the market leader on pan-African current affairs ensures other media leaders such as CNN, Bloomberg, RFI, France24 and BBC regularly feature us. Additionally, we partner with many leading global institutions for our events thus providing many opportunities to reach new audiences.


  • 2,600,000 Print
  • 1 million digitally
  • 20,000 thought leaders


Our distribution network currently includes:

  • Newsstand sales
  • International and domestic airlines and lounges
  • International subscriptions
  • Controlled circulation to business leaders and policy makers
  • Hotels and Business Centres
  • International and industry specific events
  • Multiple Digital Platforms