The Group has established partnerships with the world’s leading organisations, from the World Economic Forum and the World Bank to African-focused organisations like the African Development Bank, the UN’s Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union.

This is why the Group is mandated to produce editorial content, reports and events by the most important and influential bodies operating in Africa.

The Group for example produced for the Gates Foundation a special supplement focusing on the Development Goals and featuring in New African an exclusive interview with Bill Gates during his visit to Africa.

IC Events organised in Abuja the Africa Finance Corporation Live Summit 2017, attended by over 400 decisions makers.

IC Publications also has vast networks amongst the business community in Africa covering a number of sectors. The Group is especially strong in Banking and Finance, and every year organises the African Banker Awards attended by the continent’s foremost financiers. We are also strong in logistics, telecoms, oil and gas, mining, energy, infrastructure and agriculture.

We have been mandated once again by the Government of Egypt to organise an African Business and Investment Forum that will take place in Sharm el-Sheikh in December and will attract over ten African Presidents. The last such event we organised had five African Presidents including those of Gabon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Egypt – the hosts – and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Also in attendance we had the President of the African Development Bank and the Executive Secretary of UNECA.

The influence of the Group is far-reaching. This is as true and relevant as much in business as in government. We are close to leaders in business and politics across the continent and we leverage the strength of our media group to not only establish contact but build rapports and strong ties.

At the same time, our Group is respected and liked. This is the result of deliberate positioning and a principled approach to our work. Our editorial teams are led by Africans and the Group has an African soul running through it. This is visible in the positioning of the magazines and also the work that we do. Relationships are key in conducting business in Africa and the ‘IC way of doing business’ has built considerable goodwill and capital over the years. Our Group is also known for its principled approach to doing business as well as our integrity. This means that we are trusted and known to act in the best interests of Africa. This positioning makes us a trusted voice and a trusted partner, not only from our readers’ perspective but also from that of our clients, who solicit our services because of this implied trust.

Ultimately, the magazines are an unmatched calling card, giving us unrivalled access. We have managed to sustain this through changes in leadership in businesses and as administrations have changed in government.


With a vastly knowledgeable and well connected team spearheading our content and business development, we guarantee the most insightful commentary and analysis, with specialist contributors from around Africa ensuring definitive analysis of the latest in business and economic developments. Our products and services are well respected in the industry, giving us unrivalled access in business and government. Our deep and wide networks throughout the continent as well as our reputation, knowledge and unrivalled access provides us with a unique asset.


Our global reputation as a leader on pan-African affairs ensures that we work with and are regularly featured by other global media such as BBC, Bloomberg, and CNN. As a leading African voice on African affairs, from a true African perspective, we are the partner of choice for the continent’s leading organisations such as the African Union, the African Development Bank and the UN Economic Commission for Africa, with whom we work closely. We have a strong relationship with many of the key actors on the continent from the World Bank and the World Economic Forum, internationally, to regional partners like the Africa Finance Corporation and regional economic communities such as COMESA.


The magazine and the Group’s history means that we have access to key decision makers across the continent. Our partners are among the elite from business, government and academic circles. We have built an extensive contact list featuring a wide range of experts across the continent. These are people who wield influence over the direction of countries and companies.


Our reach is not limited to our readers and the quality of our content. Today we have the know-how to ensure that our message is seen and read by the people who count; decision makers and influencers. We use our platforms strategically. Our events and media relations teams mean that we can also leverage other channels to get a message across and influence behaviour and policy.


We are a team of 40 in our London and Paris offices. With a wide range of contacts, we also have unrivalled expertise in terms of managing relationships. We have built considerable goodwill with organisations, institutions and people of influence that has been 50 years in the building and which we have managed to sustain from one generation to the next. Our editorial and management teams have years of African experience combining French-, English- and Portuguese speaking Africa. Used properly, this can be leveraged to do almost anything across the African continent.