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IC Publications to gain an unparalleled understanding the complexities and nuances of this rich and diverse continent.

Our award-winning editors produce content that is insightful, agenda-setting and thought-provoking. We follow the trends of the continent very closely and the major talking points affecting the region are dissected in a way to give our readers an edge. Our magazines and content are often quoted by decision makers, and influencers in business and politics.

In our latest survey, this is what our readers had to say about us:

• 93% believe the magazines printed unbiased, accurate and important information

• 83% consider the magazines to be the most trusted pan-African source of information

• 96% agree the magazines are their preferred source of information regarding Africa

• 99% would recommend the magazines to their friends and colleagues

Leading Global Figures

We also regularly feature guest writers and editorials from leading global figures. Recent highly respected contributors include: