Our English-language magazines:

  1. New African

For 50 years New African monthly magazine has been the world’s best- selling ABC audited English-language Pan-African current affairs publication. It is the ideal publication for those looking to gain a better understanding of the vital issues affecting Africa, as well individuals and organisations seeking up-to-date specialist information on political and economic issues.


84.4% In Africa



  1. African Business

The award winning African Business monthly magazine is the biggest-selling, ABC-audited, English language Pan- African business publication. Read by decision makers, business leaders and policy shapers alike, led by a highly experienced editorial team, the magazine has a reputation of exposing the African narrative from an African perspective With special monthly reports, which offer invaluable expertise to organisations, as they profile a wide range of sectors and industries including transport, energy, mining, construction, aviation and agriculture, African Business is the ultimate guide to making Africa your business.





  1. African Banker

African Banker - our quarterly magazine - is the most important player in the banking and finance sectors in Africa,. It covers news from the banking, finance, insurance, currency, direct and indirect financial investment sectors, as well as the stock markets and capital markets, tapping into the growing demand for information about Africa’s banking and financial world, a sector that is consolidating rapidly and reshaping the economy of the continent.





Our French-language magazines:

New African, le magazine de l’Afrique

Our French-language edition, New African, Le magazine de l’Afrique features the most up-to-date, fresh and original content focusing on political and cultural issues in French speaking Africa.

With its own original content dealing with French speaking Africa, African Business, le magazine des dirigeants Africains is a must-read for all business leaders around the globe seeking thoughtful commentary on and more in- depth understanding of business issues in the French speaking continent.

As the region’s only French-language publication specialising in the banking sector, African Banker, le magazine de la banque et de finance en Afrique delivers a unique insight on the banking and financial issues found in the continent’s French speaking countries.

138,000 readers